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London Part 1

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Traveling (April 5 and 6)

We took a red eye flight in an effort to reduce the jet lag. We left at 11 pm Dallas time and arrived at 3 pm London time. As I'm writing this at the end of the the 2nd day, I think it was successful. The flight was pretty empty so we got to spread out which made sleeping easier. Also the food was decent! There were games on the screen in the seat back and I got a high score in Yatzee (see pic).




Traveling to our hotel was pretty easy. We took a train and the underground. 2 suitcases is hard to manage on the underground. 😅 Luckily the doorway I occupied was on the side only opened a couple times on the way to our stop. After arriving we took a brief respite before walking around the city. See pic of us in the hotel and the view from our room!

Hotel Room

Hotel Room View

London (April 6 and 7)

Our first day we walked around the city to see Tower Bridge (from the London Bridge), The Monument, the London Wall (see pic), St. Paul's Cathedral, and the egg building. We bought an umbrella just a few hours in. It came in handy later as did the raincoat I was wearing.

London Wall

City View across water

We got takeaway (food to go), for dinner, from Nando's, a fast food chicken place. I got a chicken wrap with mashed potatoes and grain/veggie salad topped with goat cheese. It was delicious!

The second day we walked to Borough Market for coffee and bagels for breakfast then to the Museum of London. On this walk I told Daron we needed to start using the Underground because my legs were tired! There were some cool things at the Museum of London like old seals, decades of clothing, and room setups from different time periods. I got 2 decks of cards from the gift shop and my first set of post cards. For lunch we got falafel pitas.

Decks of Cards

Next we took the Underground to the British Museum where I sat in the Cafe and took a picture of the ceiling while Daron checked out the museum. I needed to rest my poor legs, but I did check out their huge gift shop.

British Museum Ceiling

For dinner we went to an Anglo-Indian pub. I am getting used to the small restaurant atmospheres and the seat yourself, people share tables mentality. I loved the food!

I have decided to knit an afghan to commemorate the trip by buying a skein of yarn in different cities and knitting a square. Stay tuned for the London skein and progress on this project!