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Packing and trip goals

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Trip Goals

I want to go on this trip to experience European culture on a long term basis. I've been twice before and have seen a lot of the tourist sights. Now I just want to experience the difference of being in Europe outside of the tourist spots.


I'm taking 3 bags and a fanny pack. The large suitcase contains mostly clothes, especially cold weather clothes, some knitting and cross stitch supplies, and some larger toiletries that can't go in a carry on. The small suitcase contains my makeup bag, toiletries bag, new age Polaroid camera, a couple books, and space! My carry bag has my cold weather accessories (hat, scarf, gloves), couple cloth items (in case my large suitcase gets lost in transit), travel entertainment and masks! My purse has the ID essentials, money and phone charger.


Before even getting on the plane we had a hiccup. While attempting to check in for the flight we were unable to. We booked through British Airways but the flight was managed by American Airlines. When we went to check in we had the flight information in the British Airways site, but not in the American Airlines site! The AA site said flight credit issued, but didn't show any flight credit. We called and were called back later by an agent who was able to fix the issue and we got checked in!

My checked bag was 5.5 lbs overweight. So I had to move some stuff into one of my carry ons. Luckily I had packed with some empty space (for all the goodies I'm planning on bringing back). I am definitely buying my mom a new scale for Christmas!

Note to self: put heavy stuff in the smaller suit case for the trip home.