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Strasbourg France

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26 May

The four of us took a trip to Strasbourg for the Belgian long weekend and my aunt's birthday. My Uncle drove us and we stopped at a travel stop in Luxembourg because it was about a 5 hour drive. After arriving to the house we walked around the neighborhood a bit to see what was around. We were very close to the tram to go in Strasbourg Center and there was a few restaurants. As Thursday was the holiday most things were closed including the grocery store. For dinner Daron and I walked to a Tunisian restaurant and had couscous. In Strasbourg French and German are spoken because for some time it was a German town but is now in France. I haven't had couscous very much and it's an interesting texture to eat but I did enjoy the dish. It was served with the parts separately and then you build your own dish on your plate.

27 May

Friday morning Daron and I took it easy while my aunt and uncle went to Germany to go to garden shops. I went to the grocery store and bought stuff to make burgers, bell pepper, sugar snap peas, pringles, some cherries, Lion breakfast bars and orange juice. Daron made the burgers for lunch and we had the Pringle, veggies and cherries with them. Then we took the tram to Strasbourg central and walked around. I went to a clothing store and bought 2 skirts. I found a yarn shop and bought a skein of blue wool cotton blend yarn. We met my aunt and uncle by the notre dame Cathedral and walked to restaurant for dinner. This was one of the few disappointing meals I've had on this trip. I got turkey which was overcooked and dry and cold by the time I got it. The appetizer was potato pancakes which were pretty good.

28 May

This morning my aunt and I went into Strasbourg Center to do some shopping. We walked a few streets line with little boutique shops. One difference here was that only one size was out in the front and you would pick your pieces and then ask for the size you think would fit. I bought a scarf from an accessory store. At the other shops I didn't find anything I wanted to buy. On our way back to the tram we passed Gallerie Lafayette which my aunt said I needed to see because the inside can be quite nice. It was a big department store with nice brands. We found a Desigual section which I had to look in because it's my favorite brand. I got a beautiful white dress with a colorful bodice. From nearby sections I also go some casual flowy floral pants and a ribbed lavendar t-shirt that matches. We went back to the house then for dinner we walked to a Indian restaurant. It was fabulous. The restaurant had not been open for more than a year or 2. I had a desert that was a popsicle served on a plate with some drizzle. It was funny and I ate it with a fork.

29 May

I got up a little early to go to a French bakery before we left. I had an interesting interaction because the person working didn't really speak English and then the person behind me was trying to help but derailed the conversation a little because they mentioned grapefruit (which is not usually in baked goods). I ended up with what I wanted and an extra croissant! During the trip in general I enjoyed practicing French and felt a significant increase in confidence in just these couple days. I came across multiple friendly people encouraging me to speak French.

We got a metallic Strasbourg magnet as a souvenir.

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