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Circus! 🎪

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21 May

Circus in Boom

This show has been performing for years and this was the first year it was not performed as a street parade. My aunt and uncle took us to lunch and we met with my uncle's brother. I remember lunch was good but I don't remember what I had! We walked to the event venue for the circus and got our wristbands. We had a map and list of events we wanted to see courtesy of my uncle's brother. There wasn't too much going on when we got there so we walked around and got the lay of the land. The first show we tried to see didn't happen at the time we thought but there were a few people sitting and waiting for something to start so there was a miscommunication somewhere! We walked around to a British circus comedian. Her show was good but not quite what I was interested in. We walked around to another show and saw an animatronic hippo. It was fairly obvious it wasn't a real hippo but it definitely was convincing enough for a fun experience. There was people in the animatronic device and a "keeper" that was interacting with it.

The next act I saw was a lady and a hoop fixed at 5 foot high. Her act was short and fun. We walked to an auditorium style set up and saw multiple acts in a row. The first of which was the best act I saw. There were 10 gymnasts, 1 dressed as Dr. Frankenstein, 1 as a tall monster, and the rest as Frankenstein monsters. The overall show was the Dr. controlling the monsters and there being mistakes such as people wacking into each other and the equipment failing. There were a couple shorter acts after that were also enjoyable, a quick change act (a lady changing outfits), and a magic act (lady in a box and pushing swords through). Next we walked to an act with a pipe structure with a pipe across the top. The start was postponed due to the pink inflatable church next to it being quite loud. I was interested to see the how that would affect the act. The act was slow and methodical and I felt relaxed after so it was definitely worth the wait. I took a picture of this act! Next we walked to the Street of Sweet which was a food truck line of goodies. I got some ice cream with fudge and caramel sauce which I enjoyed while watching the next act. This one was set up as a concert with 4 band members. 2 of them did some ariel tricks while the other 2 spotted and played music. It was a very interesting show with large pieces moving a few times.