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Bruges Belgium

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On Sunday 15 May my uncle drove us to Bruges. We parked outside the city center and walked into the center. On the way we saw the moat and original gates to the city. More bridges and gates have been added to accommodate modern transportation but the streets in the center are quite narrow. We first ate lunch at a burger place. Next we went to the Historium. This museum of Bruges's history has a unique way of portraying the information. You wear headphones and walk through rooms to hear the story of a character who worked for an artist in the 1500's. Each room has a screen were you see a live action portrayal of the scene and many props the set up the room to match. It is very dark and they have a claustrophobia warning at the beginning. It was just Daron and I going through it and I thought I would have felt more comfortable if there were a couple other people with us. By the end I was very engrossed in the story. After the story there is a small display area with some pictures, artifacts, and more information about Bruges's History.


Our next stop was the fries museum. Frietmuseum. The museum starts with history and information about potatoes, record fries, and recipes for fries and sauces. At the bottom there is a fry shop. This was a fun and unique museum!


Walking around a little I got some chocolate from a shop and a deck of cards with some beers of Belgium. At the yarn shop I went to I got 2 skeins, row counters, and yarn ball starters. This shop (Veritas) had a floor for clothes and a floor for knitting/sewing. I have since seen the shop name in multiple cities so it is a chain.

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