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Praha, Česká republika

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Just a couple days after returning to Brussels from Copenhagen we flew to Prague in the Czech Republic.

11 May

We left around 7 for the Brussels airport. We had a layover in Zürich and I got a deck of Switzerland cards at the airport. We took a train and metro to our hotel and we arrived at 3, perfect timing to check in!

We got tickets to see Doctor Strange in the evening. For dinner I had Pad Thai. The movie theater didn't have any snacks (only drinks) so after the movie I got a candy bar at a mini mart.

12 May

We went to a cafe for brunch. I got a scrambled egg bagel with Irish Cheddar cheese and an iced blood orange roobius tea. It was warm in Prague and I did bring shorts and T-shirts! We walked around a park near the hotel. Prague has steep streets and we were worn out pretty quickly! For dinner I walked to an Italian restaurant and got pizza to go. While waiting I walked to a gelato shop and got mango gelato.

13 May

We took a tram to the other side of the river and started our adventures at Vrtbovská Garden. This is a famous palace garden because of the architecture design. It was influenced by Italian architecture and built in 1715-1720. The top of this garden provides a fantastic view of the city. There is a small caged in area with a few bird species as well.

Next we made our way to Prague Castle. We bought a ticket to see 4 different sites, the Castle, Basilica of St. George, Golden lane, St. Vitus's Cathedral and the museum. The whole compound was amazing and it definitely takes more than a couple hours to visit all these sights. I also got souvenirs here, a beautiful green enamel box and 2 decks of cards. One of the decks of cards is pictures from the museum at the castle, which we didn't go into, but I liked the cards and it's something to look forward to on the next trip!

We take the tram back across the river to have lunch. Walking around we see a chocolate museum, a museum of torture, and the gallery of steel figures. We had lunch at a nice place with a window display of fancy desserts. I had a chickpea salad with spinach, goat cheese, walnuts, pomegranate seeds, and avocado. For dessert I got a blueberry cake.

Daron headed back to the hotel to work and I went back to the chocolate museum to get a snack. I bought a container of almond and hazelnuts in dark chocolate and freshly dipped dark chocolate strawberries. I walked to a haberdashery to buy some yarn. There wasn't a very big selection since it sells a lot of supplies for the yarn and fabric arts. There was a yarn shop that claimed to be the first yarn shop in Prague on their website but they were closed from May 12 to 16 and I didn't find out until the 12th.

For dinner we walked to a local bar that seemed to only have one person working the front. Despite that we had great service. I got shrimp in a white wine sauce. I expected the sauce to be creamy and it was not. For our last stop of the day we went to a coffee shop where I had a piece of chocolate cake.

14 May

Our flight was at 7:30 am so we woke up at 4:30 am and left at 5. For this flight we had a layover in Vienna and I got a deck of cards. Daron didn't have an enjoyable flight and I'll let you read about that on his post!

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