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Göteborg Sweden

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19 April

The bus ride to Göteburg was nice. I was able to finish the Oslo knitted square and enjoy the costal views along the highway. The AirBnB was a short walk from the bus station, however we were staying on the 3rd (starting at 0) floor! The stairs really took it out of me. When went to dinner at a Thai restaurant where I has a dish reminiscent of the Indian Korma I had in Edinburgh. We grabbed some ice cream from 7-11 on our way the the AirBnB.

Around Göteborg (Gothenburg)

20 April

This morning we went to a knit shop Deisy Design and I got a variegated yarn, smaller needles, and some stone tags. The yarn is from Denmark. The shop didn't carry much Swedish made yarn and what they had was extremely thick and wouldn't have worked with my other squares. Then we went to Coop, a grocery store pronounced Co-op, where we got food to make sandwiches, pasta, sausage and eggs, and some snacks. We came home and Daron made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. I spent a bit of the afternoon working on the blog because I had gotten quite behind! We got tickets to see Batman. It was in English with Swedish subtitles. I didn't really learn any Swedish besides "snacka" is related to talking. For dinner we went to a Scandinavian diner, Vigard, which is a burger joint. I know I say the food was delicious a lot, but I haven't had bad food yet!

April 21

Daron made lunch again today, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. I also had chips and banana chips with it. I went alone to the Röhsska Museum. This is a museum of design and craft. I saw a lot of furniture evolution with room design. I learned about the Rococo design style. There were 2 exhibits regarding the Asain influence on Swedish design as well. The most interesting exhibit was the chairs. Röhsska has 500 chairs from 1700's to now. Before the 1700's move-able furniture like chairs were not common. Most seating areas were built into the building structure and you didn't move it around. The souvenir I have from here is the guide for the Migration exhibit.

Next I got a pedicure! I have only gotten one once so the relaxing spa treatment was very welcome. For dinner I made spaghetti with sausage, mushrooms, shallots, and garlic with a side of steamed/boiled carrots.

We were staying close to the garden park though we didn't specifically visit it.

April 22

For lunch we went to Cafe du Nord, which is a chain. They have a great lunch special for 12 dollars, bread, salad, entree, and coffee. I got the salmon for my entree and the dill sauce on the potatoes was the best part.

There was an Ikea near there and we popped in to take a look. It is a design IKEA, they didn't have much stock but we talked to an employee a little about the design studios and the IKEAs around Sweden. Next we went to the Art Museum in Göteborg. There are mostly paintings. My favorite exhibit is 2 arches that have been perfectly filled with items from the museum (the administrative part). Everything in the arches had been in the museum when the piece was made. It was full of cabinets, old technology, shelves, and small things like pens. It's a great time capsule. From the paintings displayed I saw a shift in the art around the later 1800's to more clearly defined subjects. I definitely prefer to look at paintings with the more defined lines, especially in realism depicting people and landscaping. The other piece I enjoyed was a modern recreation of a famous piece with 2 people standing in the view of a lake. The souvenirs I have from this museum are 2 magnets and a museum guide. For dinner we had a frozen pizza from the grocery store.

Front of Art Museum

April 23

For lunch I had leftover pasta. Had a pretty chill day, went for a walk around, worked on knitting, and postcards. For dinner made sandwiches, fried egg, ham and cheese and a sloppy joe.

Göteborg Square

April 24

We packed up and took a taxi to the bus station and we are on our way to Copenhagen, Denmark!