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Oslo Norway

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I don't have as much written for our time on Oslo because I wasn't keeping up with the blog and I didn't do as much comparing to our times in other cities. It seems like I shouldn't need more rest than my normal schedule but we are mostly walking around on foot, taking in a lot of new information, and communicating less easily with people we interact with. I definitely rested a lot during our time in Oslo.

15 April

We stayed in a small room with a floor to ceiling blackout curtain that was much wider than the window. Our first morning I woke up and I looked at the time it was 12:00. I thought "No, it can't possibly be noon." I googled what time it was in Oslo and it was noon! It looked as dark in our room as when we went to sleep. There was a little light at the top of the curtain which I thought was from the hotel sign that was right next to our window. I woke up Daron and said "Umm, I think it's noon." He said "Probably." "Then where is the sun?!" Daron moves the curtain and I'm struck by the full force of the sun. I got up and opened the curtain a little to let some light it and was feeling more awake now. We decided to sleep with the window a little uncovered so I would know when the sun was up!

We stopped at a yarn shop and it was closed though the written posted hours looked like it should still be open.

For dinner we walked around a couple blocks from our hotel and a lot of the cheaper places were closed. I decided to go into a convenience store/deli and got a Focaccia sandwich with chicken and a chocolate cookie. Both were good.

16 April

We go to lunch at a food hall nearby and got there shortly before it closed. We had enough time to order and eat before they started closing entrances. I'm not sure if they normally close at 3 or if they were closing early because it was Easter weekend. I got a kind of Mediterranean wrap that was a little spicy. It was delicious and very filling. I bought some chocolate from a shop in the food hall as well. Dark chocolate with candied fruit in it. Next we went to a different yarn shop, Fru Kvist, and it was open. I got a dark red yarn, 100% wool. The yarn was made in Italy but the company is Norwegian.

We walked to City Hall and then the Royal Palace. City Hall is a large red brink building. The Palace is a very modern looking square building of large yellow tiles. I was expecting a very old looking building and it looks like it was built less than 30 years ago! It was originally finished in the 1840's some modern updates and refurbishing were completed in 2001.

Next we walked to the Garden of Sculptures which is a park that has over 200 sculptures. I was very excited to see so many different sculptures. We walked quite a ways to get there so arriving to the park we got some water at the cafe and sat for a few minutes. We start walking through the park and I don't see any sculptures which is weird since there is supposed to be 200 in this park. We reach a bridge which has some statues of people lining it. This leads us to other sculptures of people. So the Garden of Sculptures is 200 sculptures of naked people. Yep. So I didn't take any pictures because I was disappointed and unimpressed. They were all the same size, same color. There was a large column of people which was impressively tall. There was some metal work on gates that was cool. For dinner we got some pizza from an American pizza place.

Subway Map

17 April

Happy Easter! Daron had picked a church to go to, but I wasn't feeling like going to church where I wasn't going to understand anything. I then slept until 1 anyway so I still needed some rest. Daron texted me he met some people he was going to get lunch with and since I just woke up I didn't feel like traveling to where they were so I went to a sushi place to get lunch. I walked around a little bit and stopped at the deli/convenience store and got the same sandwich and chocolate cake for dinner later. I spent the rest of the day enjoying my time in knitting and playing games.

18 April

For lunch we went to a food hall and I got a Greek pork gyro plate. For dinner we ordered delivery from a burger place via Wolt, which is like GrubHub. I mostly spent the day knitting, playing games and watching Suits.

19 April

On our way to Göteborg Sweden via bus!

Knitted Square