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Antwerp Belgium

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20 May

My aunt suggested going to visit the Red Star Line museum. In the morning we drove to Antwerp and walked to the museum. The Red Star Line was a shipping company that people used to move to North America from Europe for the first half of the 20th century. The museum talks about immigration throughout centuries, size and construction of ships, travel requirements, and stories of specific immigrants (Albert Einstein). Several things at this museum are interesting. The health and physical safety requirements, especially comparing our own experience with travel since the Covid pandemic. The desire for people to move for a better life and that being taken advantage of (from centuries ago to today). Near the Red Star Museum is the MAS: Museum aan de Stroom, a several stories tall museum with a great view of the city at the top. We took escalators to the top and enjoyed the view of Antwerp. Next we walked to the Grote Markt (directly translates to Large Market). This is a market square very common in cities in Belgium. We walked through to the yarn store south of the market and then went back to the Grote Markt for lunch, goat cheese salads. The goat cheese was warm and on toast. Goat cheese salad is a favorite of me and my aunt.

On the river from the Harbor



View from MAS (one with my aunt)

City Hall

Statue of throwing giants hand relating to the name of the city (Antwerp)


I got a beautiful variegated wool yarn with green, blue, purple, and red. It really ties together the colors of the squares!

Knitted Square