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København Danmark

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Copenhagen, Denmark

This blog is full of pictures! I don't really talk about any general things from the trip so I would like to say here that we had good weather our time in Denmark. It didn't rain and the sun was out. There are bicycles everywhere and most of them are not locked. I enjoy observing what is different because of the culture in different areas. In college, any bike not locked was stolen in a few hours. In Denmark, I would see the same bike in the same rack, not locked, for multiple days.

24 April

Today we arrived in Copenhagen via a bus ride for 4 hours. Crossing the border of Sweden to Denmark was very uneventful. After a kind of toll booth situation the bus driver pulled off to the side in a designated area. Some guys in vests were walking toward the bus but I guess they just waved the bus driver to go on because we just pulled away. For dinner we went to a Palestinian - Mediterranean restaurant. I got a Falafel Salad, there was hummus, pomegranate seeds, chickpeas, and green falafel. It was very good, but I had lots of farts the next day!

Table at Palestinian restaurant

25 April

For lunch we went to a cafe and I had some citrus tea and an omelet. Then we washed our laundry. The sister hotel of the Ansgar Hotel has a laundry room we were able to use for $9 (60 Danish Krone). While the laundry was washing I went to a yarn shop, Flid. All the yarns were Danish brands, but none were made in Denmark due to the sheep being in the north part of the country (so the owner told me). I got a light blue wool yarn that is dyed so that you can still see some white in the yarn and it looks beautiful. Daron and I hung out at a nearby hotel with a nice bar area waiting for our laundry to finish. For dinner I had a large pot of mussels and some fries. I wasn't able to finish the whole pot of mussels!

26 April

To start the day off we went to a science Expo that we had passed previously. It was an exhibition of science projects that had won or were finalists in a competition. They were all in Danish but it was still cool to see some science projects. My favorite were the 2 making paper and food containers of other material that would be more compostable (like processed food).

For lunch we went to a food hall. I got a hot sandwich from a French bakery. It had salami, mozzarella, and halved cherry tomatoes. I also got some dark chocolate gelato! It was so smooth and creamy! Our goal was to go to the Botanical Gardens. We walk around to the entrance but it was blocked with construction. We kept walking around the block and construction lasted the whole side of the block and we didn't see another way in. The Rosenburg Palace was across the street and had palace gardens so we just went there instead.


On the way


Rosenburg Castle and Gardens

We took the subway back to the hotel. This was built pretty recently and the cars have a subway map with a digital light that tells you what stop you are at and blinks at the one you are headed to! For dinner we walked to La Neta, for some tacos, and the tacos were better than some I have had in Texas!

27 April

Lunch was at The Midwestern Diner. I got a midwestern omelette that I have seen more often as the Colorado or Denver omelette. Next we went to a Lego store. Lego's are originally from Denmark. The store had a display of the logos over the years and some cool Lego sculptures, I took a picture of the Star War's display. This Lego store was in a shopping district so we walked around, went into a few shops and bought some souvenirs and gifts. For dinner I had bibimbap from a Korean restaurant with purple rice. The dish had a unique taste and I'm not sure if it was the rice or something else in the dish. In the evening I went to a coffee shop and got a dark hot chocolate and got some knitting down until the upstairs was taken over by 30 music students and went back to the hotel.

28 April

Got breakfast at a cafe and I had a cinnamon roll. It is much more of a croissant type pastry than the wrapped bun type I am used to. The cinnamon flavor was strong and it was very good. I has a Jasmine tea with it. Next we walked around the coast a bit to see the little mermaid statue. We saw a polar bear statue first and some cool buildings. We stopped to rest and a bird joined us for a minute while we discovered we had walked the wrong direction for about 20 minutes and we had actually been quite close to it. We walked back and found the little Mermaid which I was confused by because she has legs! How is it a mermaid and not just a girl? On our way back we stopped at Nordic treats, a dessert shop with Nordic origins for a gift. Dinner was at Fu Hao Kina Grill a Chinese restaurant. We got 3 dishes of dumplings, beef with stir fried noodles and sweet and sour pork which we ate family style.

Area Around The Little Mermaid

Hot Chocolate

29 April

I had a con-carne dish with polenta and an egg for lunch. It was very good and I expected it to be a little spicy but it wasn't at all. I got some ice cream, chocolate and flavor called Rock which was a vanilla base with gobs of Nutella and hazelnuts in it. The afternoon I just played games and knitted and prepared for the flight tomorrow morning to Brussels!

Knitted Square for Copenhagen Denmark